Confirmation is an intentional spiritual formation program that takes students through the history, practices, and beliefs of the Christian faith from a United Methodist perspective. We want students to not just learn about Jesus, but become deeply devoted followers of Christ. Students 8th Grade and up are given the opportunity to personally respond to Jesus’ call to live as a disciple after 14 weeks of intentional faith formation through discipleship and hands-on experiences.


The Class

On Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30, students will meet in small groups in Room A1 at Rush Creek. As a class, we will discuss a spiritual topic and then students will have the opportunity to ask questions and explore the topic in depth with their peers and a small group mentor that will help guide their discussions. This will allow them to bounce ideas off of one another and it will create an environment where they feel safe taking their faith to the next level. Our goal is for the topic to be engaging, meaningful, and fun, where they will grow in knowledge and love of God. Each week we will have different games and activities that go along with the topic at hand.


Service Projects

This year as a class, we will be attending service projects together. Serving is a vital part of living out our faith and allows us to spread God’s love to those around us. We believe doing this as a group will help create unity as a class and within small groups. We will be doing one project as an entire class. And then as a small group, they will get to choose a project where they directly serve others and interact with people. This will be agreed upon as a small group once classes begin.


Experience Days

This year students will have the opportunity to experience various forms of worship through experience days. They will be given the opportunity to attend another church or worship service outside of the United Methodist denomination. We believe this will open their eyes to new types of worship, whether it’s a different denomination or a different religion entirely. In class they will have time to discuss where they experienced God and what stuck out to them through these different worship experiences. 

Spring 2018 Details

- 14 class periods: January 18 - April 26, except March 29 (Spring Break)

- Thursdays 7:00-8:30P, Rush Creek Campus, Room A1

- 1-2 service projects

- 1-2 experience days

- $60 covers cost of materials, food, etc.



Please contact Andrew Gordon at or 816-781-4554 x110 with any questions.