Confirmation is intentionally designed to help students grow in their spiritual formation and will allow students to form a more personal and in depth relationship with God. This experience will give students the opportunity to ask hard questions about what they believe and why. As a community we will explore the history, practices, and beliefs of the Christian faith from a United Methodist perspective. We want students to not just learn about Jesus, but become deeply devoted followers of Christ. Confirmation is offered to students 8th grade and up. At the end of 12 weeks they are given the opportunity to personally respond to Jesus’ call to live as a disciple after intentional faith formation through discipleship and hands-on experiences. 


The Class

As a class, we will discuss a spiritual topic and then students will have the opportunity to ask questions and explore the topic in depth with their peers and a small group mentor that will help guide their discussions. This will allow them to grow deeper by learning from their peers and it will create an environment where they feel safe taking their faith to the next level. Our goal is for the topic to be engaging, meaningful, and fun, where they will grow in knowledge and love of God. Each week we will have different games and activities that go along with the topic at hand.



We believe that confirmation is a very serious and important commitment. Because of this, students will only be permitted to miss 1 class during the 12 week semester and will then be expected to make up the class the following week during our make-up session time. The make-up session time is from 5:00-6:00P. If the student is unable to make up the lesson at that time, they will need to schedule a specific meeting with Thomas Cherian. If your student is going to miss more than 2 classes, they need to wait to enroll in confirmation at another time. We take this very seriously because this course is discussion based and is meant to be experienced in community. Therefore it is less valuable when the student is not surrounded by their peers. We will be meeting in person at Rush Creek Campus and masks are currently required. 

Students will be required to complete weekly assignments and to read the book of Luke during the semester. 

Students will be required to have a mentor. This can be a parent, guardian, or another adult in the students life. The mentor will be responsible for holding the students accountable to their assignments.


Fall 2021 Details

-Tuesdays from 6:00-7:30P at Rush Creek

-September 21st - December  14th ; with the exception of November 23rd

-The cost is $35 and covers all materials and snacks

-Sign up using this link -->

You can pay online by clicking or write a check to Liberty United Methodist Church with the memo being confirmation and deliver that to the front office. 

Please contact Thomas Cherian at or call or text Thomas at 913-709-2416 with any questions.