virtual lumy

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, are lives are changing in a way we’ve never experienced before. Restaurants are temporarily closing, social gatherings are canceled, and we are being encouraged to practice social distancing. All these steps are incredibly important, but the LUMY staff believes that during this time, more than ever, it is important to maintain communication with each other in a safe manner. People are craving hope and peace, and so it's crucial that we, as the body of Christ, show up.

Thankfully, God is not bound by programming and sermons! God is going to show up in new ways during this season, and we have hope that we are going to witness an incredible time of spiritual development in the life of our students.  

We will primarily be connecting to the students through three media formats. Instagram, Facebook, and Zoom. In preparation for Zoom events, we encourage you to help your students download Zoom. You can download and create a Zoom account app on a laptop, tablet, or phone!  

Here is a look at our weekly schedule... 

Every day

We will post updates, prayer prompts, & words of encouragement onto Instagram & Facebook. 

Follow us at @lumymo on Instagram & @lumyliberty on Facebook.   


Devotional & Reflection Questions

6:00P on Instagram & Facebook

There is more information about virtual LUMY below.  


Virtual Game Hour on Zoom


Zoom ID: 380-627-066


Worship & Prayer with Sam Wells

2:00P on Instagram Live

Please continue to check back here for more updates on future virtual gatherings through LUMY! 

We are praying for you during this season.


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