Virtual x-games

2020 Summer calendar

You read it right! We have found a way to still hold our annual summer X-Games! Until we can safely gather in person, we will be doing virtual X-Games on Sunday evenings from 6:30-8:15P beginning May 31st. 

Here is all the information you need to know for virtual X-Games:

  • Students (or their parents) will be responsible to sign up to participate in virtual X-Games. You must sign up to participate. The link is below.
  • Students can either form their own team, or request to be placed on a team by Krista Gonzalez & Thomas Cherian.
  • Teams can be made up of 3-9 people. The group must not exceed 9 people in order to follow the CDC guidelines. 
  • Teams can meet in person at a designated parents home in the front lawn or backyard only (a parent must be present), or teams can meet over zoom. This decision is left up to the parent. 
  • Groups will receive an email (sent to the team captain) every 15 minutes on Sunday's from 6:30-8:00P. In that time they must complete the challenge and email back either a video / photo documenting the challenge. All challenges will be able to be completed in person (while practicing social distancing) or over zoom.

To register for virtual X-Games, click the link HERE. Registration closes at midnight on May 25th. 


Visit contact Krista Gonzalez at