2018  FALL Calendar - Download


At LUMY we think that community is incredibly important not just inside the walls of the church, but outside the walls as well! It is through community where we are able to experience the love of Christ. That is the heart behind Small Group Sunday. It's a time for your small group to connect with one another and bond outside of the context of a "regular LUMY." Each small group will be meeting at a different location this Sunday! Below is the details for each group! If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact Krista Gonzalez at (816) 401-1020. There is also a phone number of one of your students small group leaders as well! Please contact them if you have any questions the day of the event.

All High Schoolers will be having a game & movie night at The Haven at Shoal Creek clubhouse! Meet them at The Haven at Shoal Creek Club House (8261 N Tullis Ave Kansas City, MO 64158) at 6:30P to play some games of pool, ping pong, to watch a movie, and enjoy pizza together! Bring $3 to contribute to the cost of pizza. Pick up is at 8:00P. Your point person of contact is Maia Foust. Her phone number is (816) 507-9661.



Contact Krista at krista.gonzalez@lumcmo.org.