LUMY’s Student Leadership Team (SLT) is a community of students who are committed to serving their church, school, and community. SLT exists to create a “better together” culture at LUMY where students are welcomed, where they can encounter Jesus, and where lives are changed. 


Why student leaders?

We believe in the students of Liberty United Methodist Youth and think that God has called each and everyone one of us to extend love and service to others. SLT is a community through which we want to equip and empower students to lead other individuals with a Christ like love, to grow in their own love of God, and to make LUMY a better place. 


Who can be a student leader? 

9-12th grade high school students. 


How do you become a student leader? 

To become a Student Leader you must complete this brief application, review and sign the Student Leadership Team Covenant, and submit a reference from a small group leader, pastor, or mentor. Your reference cannot be a parent. Applications are due by September 17th, but students are able to apply each month by the third Sunday. Once you have completed everything, please put this application, your signed covenant, and your reference in one envelope. You may turn in your application to the front office at our Sunset Campus or turn it in to Krista Gonzalez or Andrew Gordon at our LUMY Gatherings on Sunday night. You can also submit the application electronically and email it to Krista Gonzalez at

When do we meet?

The 4th Thursday of the month from 6:30-8:00P. Look for the location on Social Media.