lumy ms WORSHIP




With COVID in full swing LUMY is NOT meeting in-person for worship. Instead, join on on Zoom or as we call it "ZUMY" for an hour of playing games! The winner has the opportunity to win a giftcard to a place of their choice! The meeting ID is 857 6785 0990. Please contact Thomas at for the password. 

Our motto for LUMY is “Better Together,” and we truly believe that life is better when you are surrounded by a community of peers and leaders that love and support you for who you are, and are pointing one another toward the love of Christ. LUMY MS is a place for all students who have completed 6th-8th Grade to come together, support one another, grow together through Christ, and live life with each other. 

The basic questions Middle Schoolers are asking themselves is, “Do I belong? Who do I like? Who likes me? And, Who am I?” As they wrestle with these deep and foundational questions, our goal is to create a space for them to know that 1. They are radically loved, 2. That they are outrageously supported and 3. That they don’t have to do anything to earn numbers 1 & 2 because God fully loves them for who they are.

To help create that environment, we provide a space for students to grow in community with one another, experience God through engaging music & messages, and to grow in their faith in a small group setting alongside of adults who are invested in God and the students. Small groups are divided by grade and gender to create a safe space for students to ask hard questions and grow in their faith!



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