We can imagine that this would be overwhelming and confusing time to parent your teenager. Our hope is to come alongside you and support you as we navigate the changes being caused by COVID-19. We have found some incredible resources below that we hope will be helpful.

We also want to leave you with ideas on how you can connect with your student during this time. This is a rare opportunity to truly disciple your child and get to know them in a new way! Here are some ideas to help you grow together....

  • Learn how to play their favorite video game!
    • Don’t get frustrated! Enjoy their laughter as you attempt to play FIFA or Minecraft with them and have no idea what you’re doing. You’re teaching your teenager that it is okay to laugh at yourself.
  • Make a TikTok video with them.
    • If you are not sure what this is, ask them! TikTok is full of funny dances you can learn with your child. You’re teaching your teenager you care about what they care about, even if you don’t quite get it!
  • Make a list of movies to watch together.
    • This could be the perfect time to show them the movies you loved growing up. Make it a game where each family member gets to choose one movie to share with everyone and they have to explain WHY. You’re teaching your teenager that everyone’s opinion matters.
  • Find a Devotional to read together on the Bible App!
    • Your first few days of doing this may seem difficult! Press on! I promise the more we wrestle with scripture the more our souls wake up and better conversation begins.
  • Ask them who their favorite YouTuber is and watch a few videos.
    • Be prepared. I tell you this as a Youth Director that I have seen some weird videos. However, it teaches me a lot about culture and who students look up to.

Overall, this is a time where you can learn a lot about your child. Time is fleeting! Whether your teenager is in sixth grade or 12th grade, we hope you can utilize these extra hours to make some of your favorite memories. Ask questions before giving them your opinion, and you’ll be amazed at what you find out! We are praying for your family and are here if you need anything at all! God will move in this time, we just need to be ready to listen and see.



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